Q) What's the maximum number of Puzzles I can order? 
A) Due to the weight of the puzzles the maximum is 3 puzzles. You are welcome to purchase more but they would need to be in separate orders.

Q) Do you deliver worldwide?
A) Yes, we do. There are delivery options for UK, Europe, United States and the Rest of the World.

Q) How long will it take for my puzzle to arrive?
A) The manufacturing can take up to 20 working days, and they postage time varies depending on where it has been sent to. So I would allow up to 30 working days for delivery, but usually it will arrive a lot sooner

Q) Can I use my GeckoRouge Gold Club membership discounts or vouchers?
A) Sadly due to the different costs and manufacturing process we are unable to accept GeckoRouge club discounts, but we are looking into creating a Poster Puzzles club in the near future. If interested please send an email to Contact@Poster-Puzzles.com.

Q) Do you accept requests for puzzle designs?
A) We have license agreements with a large number of artists, but some are only for GeckoRouge Cross Stitch. We will be happy to take suggestions but cannot guarantee we will be able to offer them.

Q) Do you offer customised puzzles?
A) Yes we can help with that. Please bear in mind that the picture is 20 x 26 Inches, so your art or photo will need to cover the whole area. As the puzzle will be a one off, there will be an additional design editing and administration fee of £20. Please email contact@poster-puzzles.com